Welcome to Power Pedals

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Welcome to Power Pedals

Welcome to Powerpedals

Power Pedals - Tonaro Electric Bicycles.

Power bikes with exceptional quality and unbelievable value.

Powerpedals, your first choice for electric bicycles in Devon and the South West, are proud to present the amazing Tonaro range of electric bikes.

The patented crank drive technology enables you to cycle uphill with ease, and the three power settings allow you to select the level of power assistance required to cope with variations in terrain.

Tonaro e-bikes make cycling an option to many people, not just the lycra clad super fit. What’s more, you don’t have to reside in the southwest to benefit from Tonaro e-bike technology; we can deliver to all areas of the UK and beyond.

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  • Welcome

    If you would love to cycle in the countryside but don't like the hills; or want the healthy benefits of cycling without the strain; or, like many people going to work, you find commuting an exhausting and unpleasant experience and turn up stressed from sitting in traffic; or you cycle into work and wish you didn't need to have a shower by the time you arrive - then there is a solution...

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  • A new way to travel

    An electric bicycle is just what you've been looking for and will transform the way you travel. We provide people with a stress-free, sweat-free way of getting from A to B with electric-powered bikes...

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  • Enjoyable cycling

    An electric bike changes the way you experience transportation and bicycling. It puts the pleasure back in the experience of getting from here to there. You can ride comfortably, climb easily, and use a bicycle where it otherwise would have been a challenging (or sweaty) stretch. A new way to explore the countryside & spend time with friends & family. An electric bike gives you freedom, convenience & practicality...

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  • An eco-friendly alternative

    Electric bicycles are a fantastic method of transportation that allows you to get where you need to be in a fast, efficient and eco-friendly manner. Whether headed to class, work, or the corner shop, you can beat the traffic with an electric bicycle from the Powerpedals range and enjoy the ride...

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  • The new solution

    Electric Bikes are rapidly becoming the new solution to short distance, eco-friendly, fast and hassle free travel. Almost 200 million of them have been sold worldwide already, and they’re beginning to become very popular in Europe too, particularly on the continent...

  • Sustainable transport system

    Electric bicycles (often called eBikes ) are here to stay – they’re becoming part of our future sustainable transport system. It isn’t brand new technology; electric bikes have been around for years – they’re not just prototypes anymore. Worldwide almost 200 million units have been sold; that’s roughly the same number as iPods globally.